Ceramics kiln firing service is available upon request. We can fire ceramics for you at various temperatures from earthenware to porcelain as well as decorated bisque, ceramics decals and lustre. We have L&L e28S easy fire Kiln with 190 litres capacity and maximum temperature of 1290℃.


    Shared Firing price for one shelf is £46 per fire (Temp - 1000℃ for bisque, 1225℃ for glaze & 750℃)

    Full Kiln Hire price is £85 per fire (Any Temp upto 1290℃)

    *Price includes 60 mins studio hire to allow time for last minute checks & cleaning bases etc. If you need more time in the studio, please follow studio hire steps..


    We process work as quickly as we can. For full Kiln hire, please allow 3-4 days and for shared firing please allow 1-3 weeks for a firing depending upon load.


    We are committed to firing your pieces in a manner that is appropriate and safe for both the work and our kilns.
    We will refuse firing of work that isn’t safe for the kilns or which might produce serious damage to the equipment, or may pose a health and safety threat.

    For health and safety reasons we will not fire anything that would create a vast amount of smoke, i.e clay having a significant amount of organic materials inside or materials that will produce highly toxic gases during the firing. We do not do raw glazed firings.
    We accept no responsibility for damage caused during the firing of the kilns or handling of the work.



    Our studio is a space designed for making in clay – that red, earthy stuff – sharing skills and conversations, and creating objects and memories to keep us physically present in an ever more digital world.

    Hire the studio space for those who have some experience and want to work independently, and equipment (wheel, kiln) for those who need access to throwing.

    RENT-A-STUDIO for 3 hours (£40) or by the day (£85)


    - RK-55 Shimpo Pottery Wheel

    - Hand building tools like slab roller, moulds and all other essential tools

    - Plaster moulds for recycling clay

    - Tools for carving the clay

    - Griffin Grip for trimming

    - Bats for throwing

    - Large Table


    BEFORE FIRING - When sending a request to book, please share the following info -

    1. What kind of firing do you need & temp? - Bisque, Earthenware, Stoneware, High-fire, lustre, decals etc.

    2. Type of clay used along with firing range & distributor/brand name

    3. Type of glaze used along with firing range (mention if its your own or any particular brand)

    4. Any other relevant details. Information about clay, slip types their firing ranges and producers, glaze and it’s particulars enables us to fire your work in the most efficient way, and ensure minimises possible damage your work can produce.

    Projects with different requirements will be treated as separate orders.

    SIGNING PEICES - Please sign your pieces to make sure work does not get lost in the process.


    We do not fire raw glazed work or unknown clays in the studio kilns to minimise possible damage to the kilns and work itself.

    BISQUE FIRING - When you bring it in your work must already be bone dry for bisque firing.

    GLAZE TESTING - If you have no experience using a particular glaze, please make tests before glazing large work to avoid disappointment.

    CLEANING BASE - Bring your glazed work fully ready for a kiln. Have your glaze firing props ready, or bases wiped.

    COOKIES - In case of doubt, always use cookies for your pieces. We have standard cookies for you to use, if however your work requires bigger sizes, please make cookies before firing.

    REDUCE THE RISK - Please provide full information about your glazes on arrival; doing so will greatly reduce the risk of damage and will help us provide best service.


    KILN SHELVES - If your work damages the kiln shelves you will be asked to clean the shelves and apply bat wash. We will share pictures while unloading the kiln to give you an idea of effort and batt wash required. You can buy batt wash from us, for pricing check bath potters website. We'll provide cleaning tools. Cleaning shall be done on the same day of collection or before.

    If damage is such that it cannot be cleaned, you will be charged the replacement cost.
    If you are firing glazes that will run, please use cookies for your pieces.

    KILN ELEMENTS - If your work damages the kiln shelves you will be charged a replacement cost.

Contact us for questions or booking a slot...