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Hygge Ceramics

Natural Clay Water Bottle

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Bottle for healthier living

Inspired by Indian lifestyle, natural terracotta clay water bottle is crafted for a healthier living, reviving the traditional use of earthenware, designed with a contemporary outlook. Made from clay, its porous nature keeps the water naturally cool all day without any refrigeration. An alternative to plastic water bottles, the clay bottles are designed for your everyday rituals. 

  • Natural Cooling
  • Leadfree | Organic
  • Holds more than 400ml water
  • Use as a water bottle or vase. Not suitable for oils or vinegar.

Shipping: Plastic FREE! All ceramics are shipped in recyclable, biodegradable, and or post-consumer material (we re-use peanuts sent to us from our vendors). All deliveries to the UK include a thank you card printed on wildflower seed paper encouraging habitat for bees and insects.

Care: To start with, immerse the bottle in a vessel
of water, overnight. After it dries, start using it.
For daily care,use mild soap and bottle cleaning brush to wash the bottle regularly.